The New Way to Share Event Photos & Information!

Using cutting-edge website and USB drive technology, Event Photo Tracker creates a great new way to engage and educate your event attendees.

Branded USB Drives

Event Attendees each get a branded USB drive. When plugged into a computer, it takes them directly to your custom event website. It’s also a valuable branded takeaway for your audience!

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Custom Event Photo Site

We create a custom website for your event that houses all the event photos, PDFs or virtually any other event information you want included. Sharing photos with friends through social media is easy!

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QR Codes for Smart Phones

Event attendees can see the photos on your custom event site right from their smart phones by scanning the included QR code from the USB card.

Great Branding Potential

The options for branding the custom USB takeaway are limitless! Use it as a fun way to access event photos, or use it as a way to deliver all your event materials to each attendee!

Setup Overview

  1. Your custom USB cards are printed with event branding and logos
  2. We create an event website that mirrors your existing online presence
  3. Photos are taken at your event and simultaneously uploaded to the website
  4. Attendees access the event website by computer or smartphone to view photos and information
  5. Site visitors can download photos or share on social media

Click here to read more about how the Event Photo Tracker system works

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Let’s Get Started!

To begin planning your event with a custom website and USB card, please contact your sales rep.

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