Event PhotoTracker is a contagious new way to share event photos and information.


Through the use of branded credit card sized usb/thumb or flash drives, attendees will interact with your message in a vibrant and measurable way.


First we wrap the credit card usb/thumb drive to match any event graphics or logos you would like to represent.


Then we create a site which mirrors your event site to include shareable photo galleries, information on your meetings or event, as well as links to all of your sponsors.


By placing the drive into there computer, attendees are instantly linked to your custom photo and information on the site.


And here the best part it will also serve as a mobile app while on the go! Via the use of the QR codes specific to your event users can scan the code and instantly have the same info available on their computer. This eliminates the need and cost for you to create a mobile application.


As indicated in exhibit and tradeshow marketing studies,

“A giveaway which has true value to the recipient can up the conversion rate by 20%, when you add a product that is actually used, the ROI can be exponentially greater.”