Custom Take Away

Are you always looking for something special as a take away to continually promote your meetings?

The Event Photo Tracker system includes a state-of-the-art giveaway that not only displays your event logo and QR code, but is a functional USB drive as well!

One of the most important aspects of the Event PhotoTracker product is in its residual value to both the sponsor and the attendees. Since our USB drive product holds not only the fun, shareable photos from your event, it also serves as a continuing source of media storage which can be used for anything the recipient wants, like music, photos, documents and more.


This means is that the sponsor information and logo stays in front of the the target audience for an indefinite period of time… priceless marketing!


As indicated in exhibit and tradeshow marketing studies:

“A giveaway which has true value to the recipient can up the conversion rate by 20%, when you add a product that is actually used, the ROI can be exponentially greater”


Some examples of branded USB cards:

Let’s Get Started!

To begin planning your event with a custom website and USB card, please contact your sales rep.

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