How It Works

So easy a 50-year-old can do it…

Accessing the custom event photo site:

From a computer:

Simply flip the tab over on the USB card/thumb drive and insert it into the USB port on your computer! It will automatically bring up the event site with photos and information.

(It can also be run manually by double-clicking the icon on the drive once it is plugged in, if it doesn’t run automatically.)


From your smart phone:

Use a scanning app on your phone to scan the printed QR code, and you’re automatically taken to the event site.


When are event photos loaded to the custom web site?

Planners can choose to have the photos uploaded instantly or at different intervals throughout the day!


What is the best way to distribute the branded USB cards?

The best way to distribute this electronic key to your event is by placing it in the attendee’s badge holder or in a separate holder to be placed in their registration materials bag. Additional branding and materials are available to help draw even more attention to the USB card.

Let’s Get Started!

To begin planning your event with a custom website and USB card, please contact your sales rep.

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