Participating organizations are always looking for the opportunity to engage conference attendees in a fun and effective way.


One of the most important aspects of the Event PhotoTracker product is in its residual value to both the sponsor and the attendees. Not only does our product provide access to the fun, shareable photos from your event, it also serves as a continuing source of memory which can be used for anything the recipient needs, like music, photos, documents etc.


That means the sponsors information and logo stays in front of the the target audience for an indefinite period of time, providing priceless marketing for your event.


A recent conference in Orlando sold this kind of sponsorship for $22,000 and it didn’t even have the corresponding photo and information site to bring out its true potential.


Many levels of sponsorship are available whether you have one or several sponsors on the USB card/thumb drive: You also have the opportunity to sell links and advertising space on your custom web site, further expanding the revenue potential of your event.


Google analytics will also power the metrics behind the scenes so you will know exactly how your attendees used the various marketing products, and where online traffic went on your custom website.

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To begin planning your event with a custom website and USB card, please contact your sales rep.

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